Investa Rules

Starting the Game

Fill out the signup form. This form gives us the data we need to start the game and create your profile. Here is what you need to know when filling out this form:

  • First & Last Name
  • Email
  • The stocks you want to start with:
    • Find 1-5 Companies. Choose companies you know about, like, and think they will do well over the competition period.
    • Type your companies in the format shown in the example.
    • You have $1,000 (game money) to spend on your investments. Divide up your money any way you want for the stocks you choose. Your total should equal $1,000.
Playing the Game
  • Trading is open to players from 3:00 PM Friday to 3:00 PM Sunday.
  • If you place a trade during the week, you will receive your shares according to the closing price that Friday, so prices will change.
  • Trading prices during the weekend are always the closing price on Friday.
  • You must always own $1000 dollars in stocks during the game period. This means there will be fractional shares.
  • If you sell $500 of one stock, the other part of the trade is selecting the new stock for the $500 dollars to go into. Basically, during the game you never have a cash amount, only stocks.
Winning the Game
  • The goal of the game is to have the largest value of stocks at the end of the game, which is the weekend after July 31st.
  • The value of portfolios as of the end of day July 31st will determine this.
  • The winner of this will receive a small prize, like a gift card. After the May-July contest, it will probably go every month for people wanting to do it just for fun.